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Faustina Adana ?


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Do you agree that this coin comes from Adana,  Cilicia (ΑΔΑΝΕΩΝ) or am I wrong. If yes I will submit it to RPC. 

There is no coin of Faustina II for Adana either in RPC or in Isegrimm, SNG. Cop. or in "Coinage of Adana in Cilicia" by Levante.

(16mm, 3.7g)


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You might be correct.

I found another coin, from Sillyum, looking (slightly) similar


I am not saying it is a match (obverse legend is different, reverse legend, reverse missing the rider -  even if for a moment I thought I got it) - but Faustina's portrait plus the artistic depiction of the horse are similar. And the horizontal line under the horse. I am tempted to say these coins are somehow connected.

I checked provincials from Adana and the legends I found are AΔPIANIΩN AΔANЄΩN  not just AΔANЄΩN

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