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New Geta Sestertius

Julius Germanicus

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P SEPTIMIVS GETA PIVS AVG - Laureate head of Geta right /

FORT RED TR P III COS II P P S C - Fortuna enthroned left, holding rudder and cornucopiae, wheel below seat
Sestertius, Rome 211
34 mm / 24,43 gr
RIC 168a, BMCRE 427, Sear 7261, Banti 20 (33 specimens)

Another replacement coin I got on a limited budget. This is (by a large margin) Geta´s most commonly encountered Sestertius type and the coin is both worn and displays cleaning scratches, BUT I like it's large, almost medallic flan.

And this was my (sadly stolen) original Geta of the same type: cracked, pitted, but with more detail and an astonishing golden orichalcum colour:


Please show your Sestertii of Geta! 

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