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Recent acquisitions.

Michael Stolt

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So it looks like we have a new home, and our own section for Roman Republican, I like it. I did make a post on CT yesterday before knowing this, so I am posting it again here¬†ūüôā

These are probably my last purchases this spring, as my auction funds are running a bit dry. But I am very happy to end a very successful spring with these two types.

The auction format was interesting, with all lots ending at the exact same time (5pm local time), with an exception if a lot received a late bid, then the timer for that specific coin would reset at 10 minutes. This created the longest bid war I have had so far. Nearly 50 minutes of back and forth bidding with the timer resetting to 10 minutes for every bid made.

Back to the coins - I am very excited over the fact I will soon be holding my first ever Roman Republican Didrachm, and my favorite type among them with Roma/Victory.

I could have waited for a better centered specimen, but what made me go for the current one is the amount of crisp detail you don't usually get on these due to wear or worn dies. The obverse is particularly nice and sort of tipped the balance.

The second coin is a very scarce, unsigned corn ear series denarius, the design of Roma's helmet with a single big spike (referred to as the "Bastianelli spike" is quite unique, and specimens as good as this one very seldom show up for sale.

As a bonus red_spork pointed me towards a nice provenance back to 1979 for the denarius, that Cayón did not mention.





Roman Republic. Circa 250-240 BC. AR Didrachm (6.50 g). Rome (or Neapolis?) mint.

Obverse: Head of Roma (or Diana) right, wearing Phrygian helmet; sword in scabbard with belt to left.

Reverse: Victory standing right attaching wreath to long palm frond; ROMANO upward to left, II to lower right.

Reference: Crawford 22/1.


Roman Republic. 211-208 BC. AR Denarius (4.37 g). Unsigned Corn-ear (second) series sibling. Mint in Sicily.

Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right; X (mark of value) to left.

Reverse: The Dioscuri, each holding spear, on horseback right; two stars above; ROMA in exergue.

Reference: Crawford 68/1b.

Provenance: Schweizerischer Bankverein. Auktion 5 (16 October 1979), lot 338.




Ending this post with a little group image of the beautiful Roman Republican coins I have managed to gather over the few years I have been collecting! ūüôā



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24 minutes ago, Curtisimo said:

Nice additions. I considered going after the didrachm but decided against it so I could save my funds for a target coming up in about a week. Glad it went to a good home. 

Thank you, and good luck with your upcoming target! The Didrachm seems to have been popular, more than one person I know of highly considered bidding on it. Even though the bid war was quite intense, I think the final hammer was very decent, for the denarius as well (and many other types in the sale ) compared to the current market.

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Beautiful  coins! I will share this new addition.  I just sent JAZ some coins for his new vcoins store which will fund some other additions this year.


M. Caecilius Metellus Q.f. Q.n., AR denarius, 127 BC, Rome, 3.91g

Obv: Head of Roma right, without star on flap of helmet, ROMA downwards behind, X below chin.

Rev: M. METELLVS Q. F., around Macedonian shield on which elephant's head, all in laurel-wreath

Ref: Crawford 263/1b


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Roman Republic
Anonymous AR Heavy Denarius (or DiDrachm to the Greeks)
6.55g, 18mm, 6h.
Rome, circa 265-242 BCE
Obv: Head of Roma right, wearing Phrygian helmet, cornucopiae behind
Rev: ROMANO, Victory standing right, attaching wreath to long palm, YY in right field.
Ref: Sear 25; Crawford 22/1; RSC 7.
From the Eucharius Collection

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