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Time Change

Roman Collector

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I have long experienced sleep maintenance insomnia. I have no trouble falling asleep (because I'm so tired), but I get up earlier than I would like and can't go back to sleep. Here in the USA, we've switched from daylight savings time to standard time, by turning our clocks back an hour. Most people enjoy the experience, saying, "Ah, an extra hour of sleep!" But for me, it's just an extra hour of insomnia.

Cant Sleep Insomnia GIF - Cant Sleep Insomnia Awake GIFs

An emperor notorious for his insomnia was Caligula. I'm sure there were others who didn't sleep well; they just didn't have a Suetonius to record their sleeping habits. So, in honor of my fellow insomniacs on the board, I bring you Caligula and his plea for salus -- health -- because insomnia isn't good for anybody. Except the producers of infomercials to be aired in the wee hours on cable TV.

Do you have any coins related to the issue of insomnia? Let's see them!!!

Calligula AD 37-41
Roman provincial Æ 28 mm, 11.17 gm
Carthago Nova, Spain, AD 37-38
Obv: C. CAESAR AVG. GERMANIC. IMP. P.M. TR.P. COS., laureate head of Caligula, right
Rev: CN. ATEL. FLAC. CN. POM. FLAC. II. VIR. Q.V.I.N.C., head of Salus right, SAL AVG across field
Refs: Sear GIC 419; Heiss 272, 35; Cohen 247, 1; RPC 1, 185; SNG Cop 503.

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59 minutes ago, Roman Collector said:

Yes! Maybe then I could sleep until 5:00!!

Better idea -- we ease into it. For two months each spring and fall we change the clock by 1 minute a day over a two month period.

..ahaha!...ya know, i was thing along those lines....1 minute per day for 60 days....:D

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Fancy, self-adjusting digital clocks have ruined the time change surprises from analog days. Then, one would wake up, see that it's 9:00 AM, feel tired, and then suddenly realize "Whoa! It's really only 8:00!!" and go back to sleep for an hour. More than once, I forgot completely about the time change and only realized it around 2:00 PM. At those moments the "extra hour" did feel like a small gift. But generally I agree that it makes only a small difference, especially with the levels of light pollution in cities now.

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