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Help me with ID of new Greek


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I went to a local coin show not intending to buy anything but mostly to see old friends but a few low end coins did follow me home.  This one was selected from a pick out pot at least partly because I could not ID it straight off.  I have not really had time to work on it yet but I must be reading something incorrectly since a search on acsearch failed to find it.  Suggestions appreciated. The coin is a rather oval AE19x22 and has a light green patina spoiled by a couple chips.  I am seeing the obverse as Hera and the reverse with a bull charging left.  Under the bull I read what I consider a date ΒΞC (262).  Above is BC over ΓCC but any C could be a rounded E with weak center. As usual, I'm not all that happy with my first image but it gives the idea but does not represent the glossy surfaces as well as I hope to do later. 


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