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Are Chrysler Museum records and archives available anywhere...


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Does anyone know if older records from the Chrysler museum are available online or anywhere? I did some searching and haven't found much yet. I recently purchased a Byzantine coin that included provenance stating that the Chrysler museum deaccessioned it. I don't know when, but I've heard that the coin museum there existed in the 1960s and possibly into the 1990s? I do have the deaccession number. Having worked in a museum in the past, I know they often keep as much information about their collections as possible. That made me wonder if the records for the coin might still exist? It would be great to trace it back to where the museum acquired the piece, if possible. Perhaps I'm sending myself on a wild goose chase, but I thought I would ask in case anyone else has pursued a similar path.

I'm also guessing that Chrysler Museum refers to this institution: https://chrysler.emuseum.com/objects/6451/coin

I would contact them myself, but I have a feeling they would not want to use staff time to look for information on deaccessioned items. So, I though I would start searching online and ask around first.


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