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Roman provincials - is there an arch reverse?


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Are there any arch reverses in Roman provincials? I have a c. 30 mm. coin, about 15-20g.  The obverse is too decrepit to tell anything, but it sure looks and feels like an arch on the reverse.  Or a temple with an arch-like entrance and two columns on each side.

I would include a picture but my photos aren't that great and it would take a skilled photographer to photograph this one.

I have a couple of Nero arch Sestertii, both Lugdunum and Perinthus.  It's not those.

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Although it probably isn't this coin, the arch is more akin to this one.  It isn't an Alexandrian Drachm.


Another little 'bonus', this one has the beginnings of bronze disease. I've arrested bd in the past by baking them, but I don't really know what to do.  I tossed it into its own bag.

Not having a coin scale doesn't help. It could be a regional dupondius, on the heavier side.

I looked at both sides with a magnifier.  I still can't tell anything per the obverse, although i'm 80% sure it's bust left.


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