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My first ancient - still my favorite!


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You might say I went in off the deep end when I bought my first ancient: even though I've since bought at least 150 other ancients, this one - my first - remains my most expensive.

I wanted a Roman coin with some biblical history behind it; preferably, from the lifetime of Jesus. As a total newbie to ancients, I was looking mostly at NGC-slabbed coins on eBay. Too wary and inexperienced to buy un-slabbed coins from eBay, but too poor to pay the slabbed prices, I looked for other options and discovered VCoins. There I found a nice Tiberius denarius in Dr. Martina Dieterle's store, for a reasonable price.

It's a beautiful coin, there are better, but I think I got about as good as I can afford...a nice portrait with good detail (too bad the lettering is smeared), crisp reverse detail as well, good metal, lovely old cabinet toning, with a provenance from the AK collection, and published to boot! It will always have a top place in my collection.

(And here is the picture, just done this evening which inspired this thread!)




And the scanned pages from Money Trend magazine (January 2008 issue), which Dr. Dieterle so kindly sent at my request. Unfortunately, I can't read German, so I have no idea what the article is about, but my coin is illustration #2:




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38 minutes ago, CPK said:

Unfortunately, I can't read German, so I have no idea what the article is about

Google translate. No, it's not perfect, but you can at least get the gist. My main resource for my collection is Cedric Wolkow's Catalogue des monnaies romaines - Gallien - L'émission dite " Du Bestiaire" - atelier de Rome. The book is in French, which I don't speak, so if you ever were to see me referencing it, you'd see me looking first through my phone and then to the book as I use live Google translate when reading it. Here is a screencap of your article. 


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