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Republican denarius with an error


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The first denarius is Crawford 199/1a. This is the coin, known by Crawford. Interesting is here the inscription on the reverse : SAR under the two horses, the S beginning next the leg.

The second denarius is the same reference number, but the reverse is different : the inscription SAR is more at right and before there is a C partially erased. The moneyer is perhaps Sextus Atilius Saranus (Serranus), consul in BC 136.

Probably a mistake of a careful engraver who was used to engrave C.SCR, as the third denarius, Crawford 201/1. The moneyer here is C. Scribonius.

From this second denarius are only 5 examples known, four cited in the work of Pierlugi Debernardi, 'Varianti di conio utili per la catalogazione dei denari repubblicani' and all four from the same die, this coin = d item.

This variant is unknown to Crawford, because not in museum collections of hoards. He dates the Atilius  coin in BC 155 and the Scribonius coin a year later, in BC 154. Maybe we have to change the date of the two coins. albert

ps : I had problems with the images, is there a manual ?










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Wow, @antwerpen2306, thanks for the Posting!  I really enjoy the detail and the great coins.  VERY nice finds!  Thank you for the writeup.


I have none of the wonderful Denarii that you posted!  I do not have a Denarius of Sextus Atilius Saranus, however, I think I have one of his earlier relatives...


Roman Republic, c. 148 BC, bronze as of M.ATILI SARAN, 31 mm, 23.95 grams.
Obverse: Laureate bust of Janus.
Reverse: ROMA|I|M.ATILI, prow r.
Reference: Crawford 214/2a



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Here is my 199/1a

Atilius Saranus,  155, AR Denarius (3.97g, 18.3mm, 12h). Helmeted head of Roma r.; behind X. Rev. Victory in prancing biga r.; below,(C) SAR (A with horizontal bar) and ROMA in tablet. Babelon Atilia 1var. Sydenham 377 var. Crawford 199/1a var. Misengraved C in moneyer's name on reverse.


Privately Purchased from ArtAncient July 13, 2018 while on a bullet train from Sendai to Tokyo.  According to ArtAncient, "Ex private collection of coll. W.v.H., 1980-1990, Netherlands";

Peus Auction 284, December 9, 1974 

Atilius Saranus 199-1a ArtAncient 2018.jpg

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