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the basilikon thread, revisited


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Inspired by the lure of 40 pound sterling basilikons, I ordered from Opisthodomos.

Several factors ended up aggravating me but after a cooling off period, I'd like to do a fair and semi-impartial review, to list the good with the bad, as I don't want to be unfair.

I'll hand out grades:

Speed of shipping; F (took at least 17 days to get it mailed out - perhaps they were on holiday)? Perhaps 5 weeks from order to door? It took so long, I lost track.  Long enough that I had ended my Byzantine kick (unrelated to the order) and pivoted back to mostly Greek and Romans for a while.

Care of packing; A.  Each item was very carefully wrapped up.

Quality of photography: A.  Each item was was pretty true to the picture. 

Cost: A. 

Satisfaction with the coins: B+

Conclusion; They seem to be slow to send out coins but I'd give them good marks for the relative bargain of the coins themselves and the care of packing.  I guess I'd rather have it take forever and safely receive my order than super-fast and have the items ruined/lost due to slipshod packing.  Would I order again?  I don't know.  Biga also took forever but I don't know if that was due to the Netherlands' post or them being slow to mail the items out.  Biga also had some good deals, but like I said,it took forever (I think almost 2 months?).

Oh, and another thing; fairly many of the coins there seem to be misattributed.  Some are glaring, like calling what's obviously a Phocas (with clear legends) a Maurice Tiberius.

Any Seleucid experts?  I wonder if the attribution is correct?  All descriptions are the dealer's.


SELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA. Antiochos IX Philopator (Kyzikenos). 114-95 BC. 5.4 gr 18.3mm  (the coin's actually more handsome in person; the others are

pretty true to their respective photos.



Byzantine Seal
Byzantine Lead Seal (11th Century)
Obv: St. Michael, holding a scepter in his right hand, wearing armor (my note: it looks more like a loros or something like that to me).
Back: Unreadable 4 (four) lines of writing.
Weight: 5.0 Diameter17.3
Andronicus II and Michael IX 1295-1320.AR.Basilikon. 2.1gr 20.3mm
(my only post-1204 Byzantine coin).
Constantine X Ducas 1059-1067 11gr 29.4mm (there was another one I liked better but it had a terrible gash (finder's mark?) on the Constantine side.Xxm9dK79joA5R28t4Hz48n3WDbx2yE.jpg.af0dc8e7513971f1f6fd45529d63642c.jpg
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