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The dangers of bidding while exhausted, at least I got the Gallienus Griffin I was after!


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There were a couple coins on my radar from the recent Portuscalle Numismatica auction, unfortunately I was on 12 hour nights that week and the auction was right in the middle of when I needed to sleep. I guesstimated the time my coins would come up and set my alarm for 1/2 hour before that. I won the coin I was most interested in, and then opted not to bid further as I paid a hefty pierce for the Gallienus zoo coin I had won. I continued to watch with my phone in my hand and my thumb hovering over the screen and I must have fallen asleep and accidentally bid because I saw this coin in my won lots on biddr...


At least it was only a 30 EUR coin...

This Gallienus Griffin was the one I really wanted! Yes, I already have a seated griffin, but this one was just such an unusual style I had to have it. It has feathers all around its head and it appears to have talons on its front feet instead of the lion paws you normally see on Gallienus coinage. PhotoRoom-20220917_093705.png.4320ad9455dc9744b98eedb39f0b1fb4.png

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I've done this before. This is also the sort of auction where you click the bid button at a price you're happy with, only to find it shot up three increments in the time it took your brain to implement your decision to bid. It's much safer with auctions like CNG, Spink or even eBay, where you have to enter the value or choose it from the list. Luckily, I don't think anyone's accidentally bought an EID MAR in this way. It's a pretty nice Galienus for EUR30, particularly as you'd already paid the shipping.

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@John Conduitt The very first seated griffin I ever bid on a few years ago was an auction like that. It was under $100 and I clicked bid and the bid jumped to like $260. Thank god someone outbid me because at the time I had left my job to care for my grandma at the end of her life so she could remain home and I had to be very frugal. I lost quite a few coins I wanted at that time, but I have no regrets.

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