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Looking for the reference where my M. Aurelius & L. Verus Serdica coin type is listed


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Dear all,

hope you can help me. Recently I bought this interesting bronze of Serdica:



Thrace, Serdica. AE 20, 11,23 g.

Obv.: AV ANTΩNEIN Λ OYHPOC; bust of Marcus Aurelius & Lucius Verus

Rev.: CEPΔΩN; bust of Isis? right

The seller send me this picture of a reference this type is in:


He didn’t however had the name of the reference for me…

As it is not my normal collecting field, don’t have any books on the coinage of Serdica and didn’t found the type pictured online I hope some can help me finding the reference.

From my own try:

From the numbering ( I think it is in Hristova / Zhekov but it could also be in Moushmov or Varbanov (No. 1884?).

Many thanks for any help


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Varbanov 1884,  the same coin as in the other book



The numbering refers probably to Hristova / Jekov. I dont't have the book but you can find several Aurelius/Serdica coins with H&J  12.7.3... numbers, e.g. on wildwinds.


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I think that would be volume 3 (sometimes called "Varbanov III"). He has a website, the main value of which (at least in my experience), is bibliographic, as it includes one page listing his books (the GIC series) and another page books on Roman Provincials (Greek Imperial Coins) from Bulgaria / Thrace.

Just as there is for his website, the books come in English and a Bulgarian versions.
You can see the covers/titles/blurbs for all seven of his vols. (3X English, 4X Bulgarian; as far as I know, vol 4 [2002] only comes in Bulgarian) -   

If it's of any use, here's my biblio entry for Varbanov III:

  • Ivan Varbanov. 2007 [2002, Bulg.]. Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values. Volume III: Thrace (from Perinthus to Trajanopolis), Chersonesos Thraciae, Insula Thraciae, Macedonia. Bourgas, Bulgaria: Adicom Publications

I haven't found any publications by Varbanov available free online (i.e., with legit permissions), whether in English or Bulgarian, but if anyone knows of them, please let me know so I can add them to my file.

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