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It's Trikephalon time!


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A local chili franchise riffs the old song, it's Twilight time.  In this case, it's Trikephalon time (musical notes).

I ordered this coin from Belgium, and after 2 1/2 weeks (not too bad) it arrived!  I had some difficulty unpacking it, as it was taped to the package wall.  After many expletives, I managed to carefully free the bubble-wrapped bundle.  I then saw that it was worth the effort; the coin had been carefully packaged (it was even in a Roma felt box to protect it).  Add another European country to the success list!

While this is probably the end of my Byzantine streak for a while; I think I will pivot back to Roman, I've been pretty active in the Byzantine field this year. I'd consider myself a budget collector so gold is rather difficult to get, so I went with the next best thing for some 12 century emperors: electrum.

I now have Manuel I in precious metal, an electrum Trikephalon.  The somewhat unobtrusive chip made it pretty affordable.

Dealer's description:


MANUEL I COMNENUS (AD 1143-1180). EL Aspron Trachy Nomisma (3.00 gm). Constantinople mint. Struck 1152-1167(?). Obv. Christ Pantokrator enthroned facing; IC-XC across upper fields. Rev. Manuel, holding akakia, and the Theotokos, raising hand in benediction, standing facing, holding between them patriarchal cross set on small globe; M-ΘV across upper fields, [MANᏌHΛ] to left, ΔЄCΠOTH to right. SB 1958 | DOC 3a. Near EF; edge broken. Electrum, 3.00 gm, 32 mm, 6 h
Somewhat dumb question, but what does 6h refer to, 6 mm in height?  The coin has a pretty nice quality of strike; I'd rate it a decent VF.  While the later electrum issues aren't as impressive as gold, beggars can't be choosers.  It's still pretty cool.
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6h is the die alignment, it shows how the strikes compare. Here is a quick note on it. 

Die Alignment - NumisWiki, The Collaborative Numismatics Project (forumancientcoins.com)


Sorry to see you leave Eastern Roman coins but I think you will find it hard to stay away/ 🙂 Congrats on your new acquisition!

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Well, it's probably only for a while.  I've collected Byzantine off and on since near the beginning of my collecting journey.

My latest fervor started to wane after I've gone through most of the History of Byzantium podcast and I also checked off a lot of realistic wants this year.

I'm always a sucker for 'affordable' Byzantine gold or Grierson's 'Rome style' (the military mint). I also want a halfway decent example of Leontius.  Since my coin budget has a theoretical maximum of $600 a month, I could be more disciplined and save up for a Solidus.

Die alignment makes sense, thanks!

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