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A new book on SESTERTIUS

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The second volume of the series Sestertius of the Antonines is now available. This series is dedicated to the most complete study possible of one of the key denomination of Roman coinage : the Sestertius. The first volume with 224 pages including 10 plates and 189 obverse and reverse photos dealt with the coinage of the founder of the dynasty, Nerva (96-98) and his immediate successor, Trajan. Its author, Jean Lacourt, gives us his second opus of this numismatic "saga", dealing with the coinage of Hadrian (117-138), his wife Sabine and Aelius, Caesar unhappy (137) who preceded Hadrian in the grave. This second book is much larger by its pages number (372 ), the number of its plates (25) and the number of illustrated obverses and reverses (500).




For each type, the reference numismatic works are used, followed by the inventory of the coins listed with the use of the greatest number of professional sources of the last twelve years, from a base of more than 250 auction houses and dealers, which allows to appreciate the degree of real rarity from a database of several thousand sesterces listed in this way. This very precise inventory makes it possible to really appreciate the rarity of a large quantity of money and to find its pedigrees, so important today, and which often increase its value.


The first volume was published in March 2022, the second in August. The third volume, which will be devoted to Antoninus Pius and Faustina, should follow shortly. Finally, I give you a final argument to acquire the second volume of this series as quickly as possible. If the circulation of the first volume devoted to Nerva and Trajan was 500 copies, the second volume for Hadrian comprises only 300 copies, so hurry up ! The first book was 35 euros, the second one 65 euros. 

Exemples of the plates in the first Volume:



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59 minutes ago, Valentinian said:

So, where can we buy the volumes? I didn't find them in a google search.

By googling Lacourt and Sesterces, I see that Vol. I is available from Jacquier at MAShops, and from cgb.fr. I assume they will also have Vol. II at some point.

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2 hours ago, DonnaML said:

Jacquier at MAShops, and from cgb.fr

Unfortunately, I think both charge close to 50 Euros to ship books to the US. That's always a problem for Americans with newer books published in Europe, unless there's a N. American distributor, or until they make it to the used book market where some sellers ship for more like 20E or less. I'd love to order Burkhard Traeger's new book on Arkadien Münzen but it's 37-48E shipping (one MA-Shops vendor lists 10E, but when I asked he said it'd be 37E to USA).

(I will say that when I've ordered multiple-lots of literature from Jacquier, and hopefully will again, it was still only 48E for the group -- including a coin, which had to be shipped separately. But I don't like paying that much for one book, especially when the book is that price or cheaper.)

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