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  1. My favourite Tetricus in my collection IMPP TETRICIS AVGG Radiate, cuirassed bust of Tetricus I, draped bust of Tetricus II right PAX AVG Pax standing left holding sceptre and branch Mint 1, Issue 4 Elmer -; RIC - (cf 212) I bought the 2005 Wherstead hoard in its entirety, just over 1,000 coins, after it had been disclaimed by the British Museum to get this piece.
  2. No I don't. I maintained a supplementary list through to 2021 when it became clear that the new RIC volume to cover the period was imminent (early next year hopefully). Attached the relevant part of my listing, Red entries are supplementary pieces.
  3. In 2009 I published in Spink Numismatic Circular all "three emperors" coins known to me, building on R A G Carson's paper in the Naster festschrift. Your coin is not in that list, nor in my supplement. The BM specimen you show is different to your coin as it has the vertical sceptre reverse (Bourne 164, Rogiet 997) whereas yours has the transverse sceptre reverse. A good find. Richard Bourne
  4. Happen to have this to hand. Carausius "three emperors" series from the C mint. It also sports the relatively scarce S/P//MC mark (most C coins of this series are simply S/P//C or, where the field is occupied by design, SPC all in the exergue). RIC -; Carson (Naster festschrift) -; Bourne 166
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