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Septimius Severus - AVG Issue BONAE SPET ..


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This is only the third slabbed coin that I have ever bought. I generally avoid them but I broke one of my own guidelines in this case.

Obv:– IMP CAE L SEP SEV PERT AVG, laureate head right
Rev:– BONAE SPET.., Spes standing holding flower and lifting skirt.
Minted in Emesa. A.D. 193
Reference(s) – Cohen -. RIC - (cf. 351A, ). BMCRE - (cf 334a). RSC -

RIC 351A is BONAE SPES cited from Numismatic Chronicle 1896, p. 203, Plate 13. RIC 351A coin comes from the Brickendonbury hoard from 1895 and can be seen t confirm the BONAE SPEI reading.
BMCRE 334a is also BONAE SPEI citing T.T. Caistor 1947.


The BONAE SPET legend is also known from a single example from the AVG II C issue but from a different reverse die.

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