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ANSWER this QUIZ…and you can WIN two coins !

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Just for fun my friends, a little quiz about Roman coinage. Try to answer to the best of your knowledge: if you participate, you have a chance to win. If you have 15 good answers, you get an extra chance. PM me your answers and here are the two coins of Postumus the lucky one will get. I’ll send them for free anywhere in the world. If you win and don’t want the prize, you can choose to give it to any members here. Have fun !




1) Who is at the top of this column?

a) Augustus

b) Vespasian

c) Trajan

d) Marcus Aurelius



2) Which emperor is depicted on this denarius?

a) Severus Alexander

b) Caracalla

c) Geta

d) Elagabalus



3) From which Roman province was Queen Zenobia sovereign?

a) Egypt

b) Greece

c) Palmyre

d) Hispania



4) Which emperor struck these quadrans ?

 a) Augustus

 b) Claudius

 c) Caligula

 d) Nero



5) Who were Nigrinian’s parents?

 a) Carinus and Magnia Urbica

 b) Constantine and Fausta

 c) Constantius Chlorus and Helena

 d) Gallienus and Salonina


6) Which emperor is this?

a) Elagabalus

b) Caracalla

c) Geta

d) Antoninus Pius




7) Who had this coin minted in Milan ?

a) Tetricus

b) Postumus

c) Aureolus

d) Victorinus 



😎 Which empress is represented on this tetradrachm of Alexandria?

a) Etruscilla

b) Plautilla

c) Faustina the Younger

d) Severina




9) This bronze was struck in honor of a festival, of which province?

 a) Syria

 b) Cappadocia

 c) Egypt

 d) Gaul



10) Who are these two characters?

a) Titus and Vespasian

b) Claudius and Britanicus

c) Germanicus and Augustus

d) Tiberius and Drusus



11) Here is a solidus of the emperor.....

 a) Constantius Chlorus

 b) Constantius Gallus

 c) Constans

 d) Constantius II



12) On this aureus of Augustus a divinity is represented. Which one?

 a) Minerva

 b) Diana

 c) Venus

 d) Ceres



13) Here is a denarius of Pescennius Niger. Which emperor goes to war against him in 193 AD?

 a) Marcus Aurelius

 b) Commodus

 c) Pertinax

 d) Septimius Severus



14) Which emperor is represented on this tetradrachm of Antioch?

 a) Tiberius

 b) Claudius

 c) Nero

 d) Nerva



15) Which empress is depicted on this coin?

 a) Julia Soemias

 b) Julia Domna

 c) Julia Paula

 d) Julia Titi


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I love quizzes! You may have made it easy by making them multiple choice (or multiple guess)...

How about splitting up the two coins so the first two with all the correct answers each get one of the coins? Maybe then I will have a better shot LOL

Great idea by the way, and cool quiz!


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11 minutes ago, Romismatist said:

I love quizzes! You may have made it easy by making them multiple choice (or multiple guess)...

How about splitting up the two coins so the first two with all the correct answers each get one of the coins? Maybe then I will have a better shot LOL

Great idea by the way, and cool quiz!


Even those who guess some wrong have a chance. You just get a better chance of winning if you manage to get all 15. 🙂 

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Bump. Only 3 days left. The winner will be announced on Sunday. Please participate. What if Roman coinage is not your area of collecting ? Why if you don’t like the prize ? Do it anyway; nobody will know your score, and think about someone around you- a friend, a nephew, another member here- someone you could give a gift to and maybe create interest in our fantastic hobby. 

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Wow, that is a nice Ferrarri. I would pick all A's as an answer. I could calculate the exact chance to win and multiply it  with the value of the car. But I save the time as I cannot get myself a cup of Tea of the outcome. I am curious however who will win this Quiz andwith  how many good answers.


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The quiz is over; here are the correct answers. Seven members had a perfect 15/15 score.

1) c) Trajan

2) b) Caracalla

3) c) Palmyre

4) c) Caligula

5) a) Carinus and Magnia Urbica

6) a) Elagabalus

7) c) Aureolus

8 ) d) Severina

9) c) Egypt

10) c) Germanicus and Augustus

11) d) Constantius II

12) b) Diana

13) d) Septimius Severus

14) d) Nerva

15) b) Julia Domna

What is fantastic with numisforums is the hi-level of numismatic knowledge of the members. Many of you gave me precisions on some questions:

Question # 5 : -although I think the jury is still out on the exact pace of Nigrinian in the Carus dynasty.

                        -but this is not 100% clear as he could have been Numerian's son, anyway closest answer from your list.

Question # 7: (about the term « usurper » previously used in the question)- I guess issuing the coins in the name of a usurper could make Aureolus something of a supporter of usurpation against Gallienus but the lack of evidence that he was more than a supporter of Postumus is based on SHA and later pseudohistories.

Question # 9:- although at least some of the VOTA PVBLICA pieces w/o mintmark seem to be minted at Rome, so very likely the Isis Festival was not reserved to one place.

And about questions # 2 and # 6, if you want to know how to distinguish Caracalla from Elagabalus, please read this article written by Doug Smith: https://www.forumancientcoins.com/dougsmith/car-elag.html

And now you are probably wondering who the winner of the draw is ? I’m happy to announce that @wittwolffis the winner of this first quiz. Please PM me your complete address and the coins will be on their way tomorrow morning. Congratulations and thank to all the participants!

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Great quiz @Ocatarinetabellatchitchix and well done @wittwolff enjoy your prize. I have only been collecting ancients for 3 months so thought I would struggle. I wrote down 9 answers #1-8 plus #10 and was stunned to see from your list of answers that I had all 9 correct. The other 6 would have been guesses.

Great fun and well done all who actually took part especially those who got all 15 correct.

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