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A Picture's Worth 1,000 words: Experiments in Digital Coin Presentations


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As the title says, a picture is worth a thousand words! I really enjoy seeing all the creative and cool coin presentations here - and we've got some incredible talent on this forum - so I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we could post our presentation experiments, ideas, tips, etc.

What I've been doing for my coin images up till now is pretty simple: photograph the coin with a solid black background, put the obverse and reverse images together in Paint, then add the written info in a uniform and consistent format. Works fine! But there comes a time when you want to do more. Lacking any sophisticated know-how when it comes to editing software, I've been taking my time figuring out how to do things. 

(Have to again credit @LONGINUS and @HipShot Photography for the inspiration! Love your work!)

Earlier today I posted a picture of my new Titus denarius. I liked how that came out, but I wanted to touch it up more, and also add some historical information. So here is the end result:




I need to refine how I separate the coin from the background - it's a little ragged - and of course I wish I had a better camera for the photos. Still, I think it turned out decent and I'm pleased with the results.

Anyone else been playing around with their coin photo presentations? Let's see them! 🙂 


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I like your Titus artwork and coin and many thanks for the honorable mention, @CPK — Your thread will be a great one to add to over time. I  have a lot of fun trying out new and different graphic presentations for my coins, both here and previously as “Deacon Ray” on the CT forum. I enjoy doing the digital graphics as much as I do the actual collecting.


Before I post some samples I want to tell you that I too love Beethoven. His music is amazingly powerful and it fuels my creative drive 🎵🎨 !











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Looking great! @LONGINUS (fellow Beethoven fan 👍) I especially like what you've done with that Persian siglos - combining it with the artwork and the creative way in which the historical information is shared.

I'm using mostly Paint 3D and GIMP to do my editing (GIMP is taking me awhile to get the hang of though). I like the reflection effect on some of those images.

@Nerosmyfavorite68 that is a good idea. I will have to do some more experimenting! 🙂 

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LOVING this thread! 

I was just starting to monkey around with it and having a ton of fun on basic power point while on break at work (nothing nearly as successful as you nor a digital fengshui symmetry master like @LONGINUS) but twins come along and you don't hand the same amount of free time as you used to. 

Here's a few I did a couple years back:


You may have lit the fire under my butt to get back to it. 


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Here is a new one. It's fun experimenting with different ways to display the coins in a more historical context. I could not find a downloadable background of the VOC flag that was large enough so I had to create my own in Paint. 

The coin is lovely, very sharp and with a hint of iridescence around the edges. My best VOC coin.



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2 hours ago, CPK said:

Not really a new presentation, but I took fresh photos using my new technique and I think the images came out much nicer.

Here is the old one:



And the new one:



A remarkable difference between the two versions, well done

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Coins that survive in lower grades need to be studied and photographed as well.  This is especially true when the type is not known in mint state.  High grade coins can be easier to photograph but we need to find ways to show what needs to be shown.  One of my more recent images is the oval Athens obol with three prong tail.  I have not seen one of this description in mint state. I need to reshoot the tail alone to upgrade that 'inset' rather than just cropping it from the overall image.  



Lighting coins requires paying attention to the direction the ruler faces.  This face-to-face bronze of Septimius Severus and Clodius Albinus has given me a lot of trouble making them each look 'right' at the same time.  The fact that it is barely fine makes it no less deserving of attempting to show it well. 



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