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Where Can I find Books of Karwiese or Aulock on low prices ?


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  • Kosmas changed the title to Where Can I find Books of Karweise or Aulock on low prices ?
  • Kosmas changed the title to Where Can I find Books of Karwiese or Aulock on low prices ?

I bought the SNG Von Aulock reprint used in a Kolbe and Fanning auction.  (I bought Eldert Bontekoe from Pegasi's copy).  Two days later a guy on Facebook offered to sell another set for less.  You may have to wait.

Maybe find Karweise at a university library?


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Right now on VCoins you could get the complete SNG von Aulock reprint from Charles Davis for $600 (or the original for $2,100, but you would have to have a specific bibliophilic interest to buy the original). As far as I can tell, that's a pretty reasonable price. (LAC Books also has one for 525 GBP.) You can buy single volumes or single fascicles for cheaper.

I'd love to have a copy (I've got a few coins from the von Aulock collection), but haven't yet bought a copy. (I'd LOVE to have gotten Eldert Bontekoe's copy that @Ed Snible got... I do have a bunch of the Bontekoe-era Pegasi price lists addressed to Alex G. Malloy...)

For Kawiese, I'm guessing you mean Die Münzprägung von Ephesos? Daehn's (2013) bibliography seems to list it as a single volume (Karwiese 1995), but on the MA-Shops listings I've seen or anywhere else, I see what seem to be volume numbers (2, 4.2, 5.1, I believe) [edit: maybe one volume Greek, one RPC??]. I don't see any decisive info on ACSearch Literature search. It's in German and I haven't handled it in person (only the search/ snippet view on Google Books). There's at least one or two copies for sale on MA-Shops, and several on bookfinder, but I personally wouldn't buy until determining what exactly it consists of (multiple volumes, editions?). Not that expensive, assuming that one volume is the whole thing. Seems to be in the $100 (USD) ballpark (per vol.? section?).

Did Karwiese also edit one of the SNGs?

If your interest is specifically in Ephesos, you could probably buy just that fascicle from von Aulock. (It's a section, smaller than a "volume," there were 18 of them total. Ephesos would be in number "6. Heft. Nr. 1768–2333. Ionien.")

(Luckily for me, I live near a university library with great numismatic literature, including both of the references above.)

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SNG von Aulock is an important reference work. Its print run was not big enough to supply for the lasting demand for copies. Furthermore, the sheer number of plates it contains must have been insanely expensive to produce before the age of digital printing. All this is reflected in the price of used copies.

Karwiese's "Münzprägung von Ephesos" is a more recent multi-volume publication (vol. 1: 1995, vol. 2: 2019, vol. 5.1: 2012, vol. 5.2: 2016; vol.s 3 and 4 have not yet been published).  It drew heavy criticism. Ute Wartenberg, for a example, reviewed the first volume and described it as a "tragedy" ("Trauerspiel"). In her review of vol. 5.2, Ursula Kampmann ended with the rhetorical question: "Who is interested in this?" New copies of the more recent volumes of Karwiese can be found online for between 50–100 €. That is a what academic publications with many plates and small print runs typically cost. Press and pulishing house need to make a living, too.

Depending on where you live and what you need the books, I'd suggest visiting the next bigger university library and scanning/copying the sections you are interested in.


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