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Divus Vespasianus - nice hybrid fouree


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Within my main theme of Roman consecration coins, I particularly like strange coins and oddities. And it s often counterfeits that offer the most exciting things. Here is one that is really astonishing by its fine style and iridescent tone, and which has the advantage to depict a representation of The She-Wolf, that normally never appears on official consecration issues. 

don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or other specimens if you have seen any!

Hybrid: Divus Vespasianus Obverse with Domitian reverse



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Nice fourrée.

These fourrée are interesting because they show often unusual obverse and reverse combinations. On the other hand, these combinations are historically meaningless which makes them less interesting. But of course I wanted some in my collection.

Here another Vespasian fourrée from my collection. In this case only a variation of bust type and legend:



Vespasian, Caduceus
Denarius subaeratus (fourrée)
Obv.: laureate head left, CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG
Rev.: winged caduceus, PON MAX TRP COS V
AE/AR, 2.82 g, 19 mm
Ref.: "RIC 75 var. (legend, bust)


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