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Alexander the Great tetradrachm


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Your coin has nice centering and a good overall strike. 

Here's an Alexander III tetradrachm that I picked up from a Roma auction a couple of years ago.

Alexander III, tetradrachm, Amphipolis ,325-323-2  BC.

17.2 3 grams


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My thoughts? Test cut notwithstanding, I think that's a fantastic coin for the price. The portrait style is very nice, and both obverse and reverse are crisply struck, well-centered, and retain great detail. Congratulations!

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Tetradrachm of Alexander III Damaskos Mint 326-232 BC Obv Heaf of beardless Herakles i Lions skin headdress. Rv Zeus Aetophoros seated left  Below throne DA (mintmark) Price 3204 Hoover HGC 910j Taylor Group II A11/P1 This coin 17.20 grams 25 mm Photo by W. Hansenalexandert20.jpg.3af93d90f494c011277bbc8e42339c18.jpgDamaskos appears to be part of the second group of mints which initiated coin production sometime circa 326-325 BC, These mints generally have some reference to the mint in this case the DA of Damaskos.  These coins were likely set up in an effort to convert the wildly divergent coinages circulating within the region into a more uniform standardized types.  

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Kosmas, very nice Tet !



My Ake-Akkon  exampleAlexander_1_0.jpg.0f27cd8d3085e8a76b4dc4241957c26a.jpg

Alexander the Great
AR Tetradrachm
312-311 B.C., Ake-Akkon mint
Obv.: Herakles head right,. clad in lion's skin.
Rev.: Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, Phoenician letters ayin, kaph, three horizontal and five vertical strokes below arm in left field = Dated year 35.
Ag, 16.94 g
Ref.: Price 3291

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I also have a tetradrachm from Tarsos. As we could see, their styles are very similar.



Tarsos is the Polis where were minted the staters of Mazaios that have probably inspired the Alexander coinage.




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I wanted one with a test cut, so I picked up this one:


Macedonian Kingdom: Philoxenos (325-323 BCE) 🜇 Tetradrachm, Miletos (Price 2085; ADM I Series I)

Obv: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin
Rev: Zeus Aëtophoros seated left; thunderbolt in left field, monogram below throne



but here is one that is 'clean':


Macedonian Kingdom: Alexander III ' the Great' (336-323 BCE) AR Tetradrachm, Arados (Price 3332; SNG Alpha Bank 675; SNG Saroglos 579-81)

Obv: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress
Rev: Zeus Aëtophoros seated left, holding sceptre; AΛEΞANΔPOY to right, BAΣIΛEΩΣ in exergue, kerykeion in left field, AP monogram
Dim: 25 mm, 17.13 g, 3 h


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