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Newbie help with a Greek / Selucid Coin that is driving me a little crazy


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Hi everyone,

 I have not posted in here for before and hope someone could help me.

I have quite a few old greek coins from crusty batch which I have yet to identify.

After searching through everything Selucid on Wildwinds and other coin sites its driving me a bit crazy as I can't find any similar bronze with similar marks (lots of silver but no bronze). I think I have identified the following but would welcome a second opinion if there are any Selucid collectors out there?   

Weight 4.26g Width - 17mm  
My guess is :  Seleukos I Nikator Obv. head of Heracles right, wearing lion skin headdress, Rev. Zeus seated left on backless throne, right leg drawn  

Would love some help if anyone knows anything about this type of coin?  Thanks anyone who cares to comment, its greatly appreciated   Mick


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