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2nd CHANCE COIN .....WON!!.... Medici linage Pope Pius IV,


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this coin was in an auction back in Feb. after i'd spent most of my coin money on other of the Medici's coinage...and i watched it till the last seconds of the that auction and thought 'i'll never see that one again'..then in May 'POOF!"..in came up again in another auction ... i bid on it as soon as i saw it and watched it till the last bell yesterday couldn't believe it but not all my lucks bad and this was won  yesterday and pad for this morning and i'm awaiting tracking and its delivery...

post your story and coin with a happy ending   🙂    Artemide 67E

Starting price: 120
Number of bids: 1
Observed by: 1
Congratulations, you won this lot.
Sold: 120

Pope Pivs llll.jpg

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1 hour ago, Ten-Speed said:

Any sense of who/what the lion signifies? 

????...i'd say it represents strength...its on other Popes coinage also.....i fell in love with the portrait (and that kool 'stole around his neck)..my 1st of that group o coins...:)

oscar meyer wenner.jfif

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