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Profiles of Roman coins and marble heads

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Just stumbled upon this publication: 


Looks promising, what are your thoughts? I'm interested as I'm also looking for denarii which looks more or less similar as marble busts. Unfortunately most busts on internet are frontal. I really must visit some museums in Italy!


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A number of scholarly numismatists have written that the engravers at the Rome mint did in fact use marble busts as models. I don't know if the engravers at the Rome mint did use biometric angles, but I'm sure they had protractors to measure angles like the ones we use today. Pictured below is a sestertius from my collection of Maximinus Thrax, & next to it is a restored marble bust of Maximinus Thrax in the Capitoline Museum, Rome. It looks like the marble bust had restoration on his chin that may not be accurate, because the coin sports a much bigger chin 🤔.


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On 7/6/2024 at 10:01 PM, Hrefn said:

Yes, facing portraits present a substantial challenge to the use of this technique.


Haha, these kind of facing portraits always makes me think about the melting face at the end of Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark! 😉

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