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A coin of Chinghiz (Genghis) Khan


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Chinghizids (Great Mongols). AE jital (20 mm). Shafurqan mint. Time of Chinghiz Khan (1206-1227). Obverse: Kalima in 3 lines "la ilah illa/ Allah Muhammad/ rasul Allah" (There is no god but God, Muhammad is the prophet of God)/ legend in 3 lines within lobed square "al-Nasir/ ud-Din Allah/ amir al-mu'minin" (al-Nasir ud-Din Allah, Commander of the Faithful [Caliph]), partial legend around edge including mint name of Shafurqan. Album A1972, Tye 325. This coin: Stephen Album Internet Auction 26, lot 349 (April 2024).

The life and legend of Chinghiz (also spelled Genghis) Khan is too well known to bear repeating here. Instead, I'll focus on the actual coin. Nearly all coins of Chinghiz Khan do not bear his name. Some refer simply to "the khan", while others, like this type, make no mention of the Khan or Mongols at all. Instead, the only ruler cited here is the Abbasid Caliph al-Nasir (reigned 1180- 1225). Thus, this coin is attributed to Chinghiz only indirectly, as he is known to have conquered the city of Shafurqan (in northern Afghanistan) during the time of Caliph al-Nasir, and slightly earlier coins of the city cite the Khwarezmshah ruler 'Ala ud-Din Muhammad, who lost to Chinghiz in 1220, so the coin was probably not minted prior to Chinghiz' conquest. Coins of Chinghiz closely follow existing local types of the conquered lands, which in the Muslim areas meant including the kalima (Muslim declaration of faith) and often citing the Caliph. This coin is listed in Tye as being billon, but Album refers to it as AE; if there is any silver in the alloy of this specimen, it is well-hidden. Please post your coins of Chinghiz Khan, or whatever else is related.

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Interesting coin. A real piece of history.

Here is a coin from his great great-grandson



Emperor: Wu Zong (Külüq Khan)
Obv: Ta Üen Tung Baw
Rv: -
Value: 10
Year: 1310-1311
AE, 22.83g, 41.5mm
Ref.: Hartill 19.46, FD 1733, S1099

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Here is my Chinghiz Khan coin, this one references the "Khan of Khans", but does not explicitly name Chinghiz. It is thought to have been minted at a Mongol military mint near Ghazna while the Mongols were defeating the last of the Khwarezm shahs who ruled most of central Asia before the Mongol conquests. The image below is from Stephen Album.



Time of Chinghiz Khan, Great Mongol Empire

1206 – 1227 AD

Billon Jital, Prob. Mongol military mint near Ghazna, 16mm, 4.27 grams. Prob. minted in 1221 AD.

Obv: al-khaqan / al-’adil / al-a’zam (Khan of Khans, the Just, the Supreme).

Rev: ‘al-Nasir / Li-din Allah / Amir al-Mu’/minin’ (‘al-Nasir li-din Allah, Commander of the Believers); Album 1969. ex. Stephen Album Internet Auction 21, lot 856, July 2023.

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Genghis Khan coins are fascinating and often tricky to date or confirm as a lifetime issue.  Awesome little pieces of history though.  

Here is my most recent, picked up last month from a Steve Album auction.  (Auction photo and description attached here.)


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A few of my coins:


Great Mongols: Chingiz Khan (1206-1227) AE Jital, Ghazna (Album-1969; Nyamaa-5; SICA 9, 1008; SNA Tübingen XIVd, 651-3; Tye-329)

Obv: Arabic legend in three lines; الاعظم خاقان العادل (The Just, Supreme Khan)
Rev: Arabic laqab of caliph al-Nasir in four lines; الناصر لدين الله أمير المؤمنين (Defender of the Faith, Commander of the Faithful)



Great Mongols: Möngke Khan (1251-1260) AR Dirham, Tiflis, AH 656 (Bennett 263; Album 1977)

Obv: Arabic legend in three lines - لا اله الا الله وحده لا شريك له (There is no God but Allah alone. There are no others with Him); tamga of Möngke in between legend
Rev: Arabic legend in three lines - مونككا قا ان الاعظم العادل (Möngke Khan, the Great, the Just); Star of Solomon in between legend
Dim: 22 mm, 2.56 g, 3 h



Imperial China, Yuan Dynasty: Emperor Wu Zong 10 Cash, 1310-1311 (Hartill-19.46)

Obv: Ta Üen tung baw in Phags-Pa (ꡈꡝ ꡝꡦꡦꡋ ꡉꡟꡃ ꡎꡓ) = 大元通寶 Da Yuan tong bao
Rev: Blank


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My two most recent additions, which just arrived in the mail, are coins from later descendants of Chinghiz Khan.


1. Abaqa Khan, Ilkhanate Mongol Empire, AH 678 (1279 - 1280 AD) - A great-grandson of Chinghiz. Abaqa was a Buddhist who was married to Maria Palaiologina, a daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos. Some of his coins display Christian imagery and text (written in Arabic). The one below shows a person (perhaps Ay Ata, the Turkic moon god?) holding a crescent. Much of his rule was spent in battle with the other Mongol divisions, as well as with the Mamluks. His attempt to conquer Syria from the Mamluks failed with the Mamluk victory at the Second Battle of Homs.


AE Dirhem, Mosul Mint, 24mm, 6.12 grams. Obv: Luna facing crosslegged and holding crescent; Rev: Arabic Inscription. Paris 1265, Diler A-81. Ex. Wayne G. Sayles; Ex. James Theselius Collection.


2. Abdallāh Khan, Golden Horde Mongol Empire, AH 770 (1368–1369 AD) - his ancestry is uncertain, but presumably he was a distant descendant of Chinghiz. 


AR Dirhem, Urdu Mint (location unknown), 17mm, 1.43 grams. Obv: Legend w/in ornate border; Rev: Legend w/in scalloped border, solid and beaded circles around. A-2041. Ex. Wayne G. Sayles; Ex. James Theselius Collection. Ex. Album 35496

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Nice coin!

Album attributes this type to Chingiz as a sort of default, but it probably is a bit later:


Great Mongols, under Genghis (Chingiz) Khan or later, BI “jital,” 1220s/1230s–1250s AD, Nimruz (Sistan) mint. Obv: "qa’an / al-‘adil" ('the just khan'). Rev: " zarb i/ nimruz" ('struck in Nimruz'). 14.5mm, 3.42g. Ref: Tye –; Album A1973.

This coin was minted in Kurzuwan whilse the city was besieged by Chingiz Khan:


Khwarezmian Empire, struck by an anonymous local governor, AE “jital,” June or July of 1221 AD (Jumada of 618 AH), Kurzuwan mint. Avers "al-malik" ("the ruler") in central circle; around: "tarikh jumada sanat thaman asbar wa sin mi'at" ('dated to Jumada, of the year 618'). Rev: inscription in four lines "kurzuwan / la ilah illa allah / muhammad rasul / allah" ('Kurzuwan. There is no God but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God'). 20mm, 2.78g. Tye 324.2; Album 1971.

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I think this this coin was minted after Genghis got ticked off and replaced past Khwarezm management...

Ghazna mint
Genghis Khan
1206-1227 CE
AE Jital
RARE - only "The Just Kahn" in title
Album 1969 Tye 329

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