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Roman Imperial Coinage, Table of Contents (RIC TOC)

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I use paper bookmarks in my hardcopy volumes of Roman Imperial Coinage (RIC), a work familiar to all numismatists in the realm of Roman coins. I will start here with Volumes I and II (first edition). Print it. Fold it. Place it inside your copy of the book. 



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PS: Searchable PDF for the RIC series.
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I printed off the RIC-content pages and put them in the books (the green volumes in the photo which I can reach with my left hand without moving from my desk). Thank you, @Anaximander. I have a few other books too. 


If you own the following books, go here:
for links to useful supplements you can print out.

(Three books in the excellent and inexpensive Seaby series)
Roman Provincial Coins by Kevin Butcher
Coinage in the Roman World, by Andrew Burnett
Coinage in the Greek World by Ian Carradice and Martin Price

SNG Danish (Copenhagen) in eight reprint volumes
BCD Pelopnessos LHS 96 (8-9 May  2006)
Celator index (1988-1998)
Index to SAN.  Articles about reverse types in SAN.

Actually, that page (again, here):

has lots of interesting links. Take a look, even if you don't have a library which includes those books.

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