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A new post-reform radiate fraction from Nicomedia mint

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After some 30 years of collecting late Romans I was rather surprised to discover a new post-reform radiate fraction for Nicomedia mint. A mint which was so far missing this denomination despite being an active issuer of the main folles type (GENIO POPVLI ROMANI) and the two earlier types of argentei (four tetrarchs sacrificing in front of camp gate; camp gate with four turrets) which should fit to the normally expected time frame of such post-reform radiate fractions. It caused some fighting at the online auction this weekend and I was very happy to have acquired it.

Here is a picture of the respective post-reform radiate fraction from Nicomedia mint and a comparison to the initial folles issue of Nicomedia of Diocletian, this one also showing solely the mintmark SMN without an officina.

Further, I include a picture of the comparable Balkan and Eastern mint post-reform radiate fractions for Diocletian of the now 5 mints.

Show your surprise discoveries  or  any nice post-reform radiate fractions.

post reform radiate fraction - Nicomedia mint.jpg

comparison of fraction and follis of first Nicomedia emission.jpg

post reform radiate fractions - five mints.jpg

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Nice addition to your collection. I have only one radiate fraction, that of his cohort.

Maximianus, AE radiate fraction. 295-299 AD. Cyzicus. IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS PF AVG, radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right / CONCORDIA MI-LITVM, Emperor standing right, receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter, standing left and holding sceptre. KΔ in lower centre. 2.74g, 24mm. RIC VI Cyzicus 16B.


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