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Thursday is Jupiter day


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In Latin, the day was known as Iovis Dies, "Jupiter's Day". In Latin, the genitive or possessive case of Jupiter was Iovis/Jovis and thus in most Romance languages it became the word for Thursday: Italian giovedì, Spanish jueves, French jeudi, Sardinian jòvia, Catalan dijous, Galician xoves and Romanian joi.

Maximianus, AE radiate fraction. 295-299 AD. Cyzicus. IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS PF AVG, radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right / CONCORDIA MI-LITVM, Emperor standing right, receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter, standing left and holding sceptre. KΔ in lower centre. 2.74g, 24mm. RIC VI Cyzicus 16B.


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OBVERSE IMP LICINIUS AVG, head r., laur. REVERSE IOVICON-SERVATORI [IOVI CONSERVATORI]; Jupiter stg. l., chlamys across l. shoulder, leaning on sceptre, Victory on globe in r. hand; eagle with wreath to l. B in right field. SIS in exergue.
NOT IN RIC UNLISTED OBVERSE LEGEND. Not attested for this issue. RIC lists only longer obv. legends: IMP LIC LICINIVS P F AVG and IMP LICINIVS P F AVG (p. 422). Coin should be listed after SISCIA 11
20.3mm, 2.53gr


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Heraclea 284-305 CE
BI Antoninianus 20mm, 2.72 g
Obv: IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG. Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: CONCORDIA MILITVM / HΓ. Jupiter standing left, holding sceptre and presenting Victory on globe to emperor standing right
RIC 13



Valerian II Caesar
Colonia Agrippinensis (Cologne) mint 256-258 CE
1st emission, 257-258 CE
AR Antoninianus 22mm; 5.50 gm 12h
Obv: Radiate and draped bust right, as seen from behind.
Rev: Young Jupiter riding goat right, head left, raising both hands.
RIC V 3; MIR 36, 907e; RSC 26



Roman Empire, Carus 282-3 CE
Bronze Antoninianus 4,21g, 20mm
Radiate and cuirassed bust of Carus right "IMP C M AVT CARVS PF AVG"
jupiter standing left, holding victory and a scepter, eagle at his feet. "IOVI VICTORI", "KAB" in exergue
RIC 39

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Severus Alexander / Jupiter

222-231 AD
AE Sestertius (27mm, 19.30g)
O: Laureate head right, slight drapery over left shoulder; IMP SEV ALEXANDER AVG.
R: Jupiter standing left, holding lightning bolt and sceptre, Alexander at his feet; IOVI CONSERVATORI, S-C.
RIC 558 / Cohen 74 / BMC 692 / Sear 2246

"What you would not have done to yourselves, never do unto others."


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Valerianus II as Caesar
AR Antoninianus, AD 255
Obv.: VALERIANVS CAES, radiate and draped bust right
Rev.: IOVI CRESCENTI, young Jupiter seated facing on goat standing right.
Ag, 3.86g, 20.5mm
Ref.: RIC 3



Licinius I.
Year: 308-324 CE
Æ follis Heraclea.
Obv:: IMP C VAL LICIN LICINIVS P F AVG, laureate head of Licinius I right
Rev.: IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG, Jupiter standing facing, head left, holding Victory on globe and resting on scepter; at feet to left, eagle standing left, head right, holding wreath in beak; Γ//SMHT.
Æ, 3.34g, 21.9mm
Ref.: RIC VI, 73

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Pansa, 48 BC, reverse - Jupiter seated 


2 from Petillius Capitolinus, 41 BC.              
Temple of Jupiter reverse on both



Jupiter on obverse (NAC photo)

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24 minutes ago, jdmKY said:

Pansa, 48 BC, reverse - Jupiter seated 



Jupiter definitely didn't skip abs day 😂

Lovely coins in this thread, need to add a Jupiter coin to my collection soon... 

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