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A nice eBay score: Victorinus / COMES AVG

Harry G

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Hi all!

For the last few years, since I've been aware of the scarcer antoninianus types of Victorinus, every time I have seen either a Victorinus obverse or a COMES AVG reverse side of a coin pictured on eBay, I have checked the other side of the coin to see if it is the rare COMES AVG antoninianus of Victorinus. Finally, my checking has paid off!

So here is my new COMES AVG antoninianus of Victorinus.

Victorinus - COMES AVG


IMP C PIAV VICTORINVS P F AVG - Radiate, draped, cuirassed bust r.

COMES AVG - Victory standing facing left, holding wreath and palm


Mairat 564 (3 ex.)

(The green deposits are not bronze disease)


This type was minted very early in Victorinus' reign - Mairat states mid to late 269AD. It was also the first appearance of this version of Victory on a coin with the legend COMES AVG, which was used extensively by Tetricus I and Tetricus II later on. Mairat suggests that Victorinus' type was copied itself; "[Victorinus / COMES AVG] is reminiscent of coins of Marius issued at Cologne [Marius / VICTORIA AVG]. Although these reverses are classic, it suggests that the engravers of Trier copied the designs used a few months earlier at the mint of Cologne".


It is exactly the same type as my other COMES AVG example of Victorinus, but is in significantly nicer condition.


Post your coins of Victorinus, COMES, or any deceptively rare coins!

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Congratulations! The COMES AVG reverse of Victorinus is very hard to find. AGK rates it at R1 (26-40 known to the author). It looks to me like your two specimens share the same reverse die.

I don't have a Victorinus / COMES AVG, so instead here is a very common Tetricus / COMES AVG with some nice silvering.


Note how less refined the style is of this coin, struck only a few years later.

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11 minutes ago, Dafydd said:

Here's my Victorinus.

21.2 mm 3.07 gm

Salus feeding snake rising from altar and holding sceptre.






Nice glossy patina on that one!

You actually have an antoninianus of Tetricus I, not Victorinus 🙂

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