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why don't we see many green Ptolemaic coins?

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Did anyone view Josh Gates' Expedition Unknown 2-parter of Alexander's lost tomb?  In part 2, around 21 minutes, a coin was unearthed, about circa low 30's mm. in size, I'd reckon.  It resembled this https://www.vcoins.com/en/stores/savoca_gmbh__co_kg/234/product/ptolemaic_kings_of_egypt_ptolemy_ii_philadelphos_285246_bc__obol/2045115/Default.aspx   but was larger and more decrepit.  It emerged a beautiful green, but by the time they plopped it in a solution and took a dremel(!) to it, it was an ugly, brown coin with uneven surfaces.

We see a LOT of Ptolemy coins with green/bd highlights, but I can't remember seeing any with an actual green patina. 

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The colour of the patina depends on the climate and the humidity of the soil. In dry areas, brown patina is very common. It is usually a mixture of various copper compounds (malachite, copper oxide, etc.).

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