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Second Edition of London Mint of Constantius and Constantine now available!

Lee Toone

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Now available on the Spink website, the long awaited 2nd edition of LMCC.

Hardback, jacketed, 297 x 210mm, 360 pages, £75.

This new edition of LMCC remains the comprehensive catalogue and survey of the coinage of the London mint from AD 296, when Constantius I recaptured Britain from the usurper, Allectus, to its closure in AD 325 when his son and successor, Constantine I, began to shift his power base to the East.  LMCC II continues the authors' earlier expansion and revision of the London portions of Volumes VI and VII of The Roman Imperial Coinage by incorporating new types discovered since 2015 and expanding the census tables based on the population totals from several major new hoards.  As Sam Moorhead notes in his foreword to this second edition, this catalogue is now recognised as the standard reference work on the London mint coins of this period and is used by both the British Museum and the Portable Antiquities Scheme when cataloguing these coins.



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Could you comment on how much of what is in RIC VI and VII is covered/replaced by the this new volume? 

Also, does this volume replace or supplement what was in LMCC I?

Finally, for those of us in the US, is it only available by direct purchase from Great Britain?

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Regarding RIC VI and VII, it covers the same. The London mint through those periods.

It supplements parts 6-10 but probably replaces parts 1-5 where the impact of new hoard discoveries has greatly increased our knowledge. Lots of new coin types throughout and I believe it is an essential upgrade if you are seriously interested in the Tetrarchic London mint.

There will not be a 3rd edition, we are both too old 😂😂

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