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Pegasus on Ancient Coins

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Mike Markowitz has published a CoinWeek article about Pegasus on Ancient Coins. Here are some of the coins illustrated. See the complete article online.

Ionia, uncertain mint EL Trite. Circa 620-550 BCE. Image: Roma Numismatics.
Ionia, uncertain mint EL Trite. Circa 620-550 BCE. Image: Roma Numismatics.

Carthaginians in Sicily and North Africa. Decadrachm, Carthage circa 260. Image: Numismatica Ars Classica / CoinWeek.
Carthaginians in Sicily and North Africa. Decadrachm, Carthage circa 260. Image: Numismatica Ars Classica / CoinWeek.

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Domitian as Caesar famously struck a Pegasus type under Vespasian, as mentioned in the article. Here is a rare variety with an abbreviated obverse legend. 



Domitian as Caesar 
AR Denarius, 3.31g
Rome mint, 76-77 AD
Obv: CAES AVG F DOMITIANVS; Head of Domitian, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: COS IIII; Pegasus, standing r.
RIC 922 (R2). BMC -. RSC -. BNC -.
Acquired from Marc Walter, May 2018. Ex Künker eLive Auction 37, 20 October 2015, lot 152.

A rare obverse legend variant of the Pegasus type struck for Domitian Caesar under Vespasian. Here we have 'CAES' instead of the much more common 'CAESAR'. No reverse die links between the two different obverses have been found, perhaps suggesting the 'CAES' issue came slightly later. Out of 240 Domitian Pegasus denarii on acsearch, only 6 have the 'CAES' obverse. The reverse copies a denarius struck for Augustus (RIC 297). Mattingly speculates it refers to Domitian's poetic aspirations.

Curtis Clay's comments concerning this variant - 'I had forgotten about this variety, but find that I had written into my BMC 193: Var. CAES for CAESAR, CNG Website 6247, May 2001 (2.78g). RIC new ed. 922 calls it R2 and cites examples in Glasgow (ill. pl. 10) and Oxford.'



Edited by David Atherton
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My best Pegasus is on its way, but here are some others.


Acarnania, Metropolis
ca 300-250 BCE
AR Stater, 8.27g
Obv: Pegasus flying l., M below.
Rx: Head of Athena l.; monogram and Macedonian shield behind.
Calciati-1/4 (same obv. die), BM-1, Weber-3867



Macedon, Thessalonica
circa 187-167 BCE
Æ 21mm, 9,58g
Head of Dionysos with ivy wreath right /
Pegasos springing right, grain ear below. very fine
Touratsoglou, Macedonia 3; HGC 3, 724



Adramytion, Mysia
360 – 340 BCE
Ae 12mm, 1.7gms
Obv: Laureate head of Zeus right
Rev: Forepart of Pegasos right; ADPAMY around
Klein 246

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Here is one from Leukas:


Akarnania, Leukas
Stater, ca. 405-345 BC
Obv.: Pegasos flying right, Λ below
Rev.: Head of Athena right, wearing Corinthian helmet; caduceus behind
Ref.: Nicolet- Pierre and Kroll, AJN 2 (1990), pl. i, pi-1-pi-4. Svoronos pl. 20.



and a small one from Samosata:


Philippus I
Samosata, Commagene, Syria
Obv.: AVTOK K M A IOV ΦIΛIΠΠdotCEB/ laureate draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev.: ΦΛA OV CAMOCATE / Tyche seated left on rock, stalks of grain in right ahnd, eagle right , Pegasus below
AE, 18.21g, 31.2mm





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My winged horses are not as stunning as the ones in the CoinWeek article, but I like them nonetheless:


Corinthia, Corinth, AR stater, c. 414–387 BC (Ravel: period IV, series XI). Obv: Pegasus galloping l.; below, Ϙ. Rev: head of Athena wearing Corinthian helmet l.; in field r., statue of Poseidon standing r., holding dolphin and hurling trident. 22mm, 8.52g. Ref: Ravel 737; Cammann 99d (reverse die).


Pontos, Amisos (Kingdom of Pontos under Mithridates VI Eupator), AE 23, ca. 85–65 BC. Obv: head of Perseus, helmeted, r. Rev: AMI-ΣΟΥ; grazing Pegasus l.; in exergue, monogram. 23mm, 12.91g. Ref: SNG France 1215; BMC 62.


Sicily, Kephaloidion, AE13 (onkia?), c. 305–280 BC. Obv: head of Herakles, wearing lion skin headdress, r. Obv: Pegasus flying r. 13mm, 2.24g. Ref: HGC 2, 653; SNG ANS Additions 1320.

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Syracuse, Timoleon and the Third Democracy

344-317 BC
AE Litra (19mm, 5.34g)
O: Laureate head of Apollo left, cornucopia behind.
R: Pegasos flying left; pellet above.
HGC 2,1486; CNS 85ff; Sear 1199v (under Agathokles)
ex Lanz; ex Ken Dorney


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Stratonikeia, Caria

after 81 BC
AE17 (2.90g)
O: Laureate head of Hekate right, wearing cresent moon headdress.
R: Pegasos flying left.
SNG von Aulock 8159; SNG Cop 491; Sear 4941; BMC 150, 28
ex Gerhard Rohde

(originally a gift from my dog Liebe, used to pay the Ferryman)


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Some great coins shown here. Only thing I can contrbute is this worn example from a mixed lot.

Gallienus BI Antoninianus. Rome, AD 267-268(sole reign);, . GALLIENVS AVG, radiate head to right / SOLI CONS AVG, Pegasus prancing to right, heavenward.  ; A in exergue. RIC V.1 283a var (bust type); of Sear 10362. Goebl 712b MIR 712b; RSC 979. 2.99g, 22mm, 6h.


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Corinth, Corinthia

345-307 BC
AR Stater (21mm, 8.15g)
O: Pegasos with pointed wing flying left; koppa below.
R: Head of Athena left, wearing Corinthian helmet; chimaera behind.
Ravel 1010v; Calciati 1, 262; Sear 2630v (Nike behind)
ex Harlan J. Berk


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Geto-Dacian, Danube Region. AR Denarius (21mm, 3.53g, 8h). Contemporary Geto-Dacian imitation of a Roman Republican denarius. Imitates Q. Titius (circa 90 BC). Obv: Head of Liber (or Bacchus) right, wearing ivy wreath, linear border. Rev: ΘΠIΠ, Pegasus springing right from pedestal, linear border. Ref: Davis Class A, Group Ib, C28; Cf. prototype Crawford 341/2. Sydenham 692. Titia 2. Ex Naumann Auction 84 (01 Dec 2019), Lot 10. 


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