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Constans II AE22 Follis. Constans stgw. glbus cruciger and cruciform scepter. Constantinople 


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Constans II Byzantine Emperor 641-668 AD was nicknamed "the Bearded".


His father, Constantine III briefly reigned as the Byzantine Emperor, ruling for only three months and it was rumored Heraclonas, (uncle of Constans II), and Martina poisoned Constantine III. 
When Constantine III died, Constans II was 10 years old and was named co-emperor.
Later in the same year, Heraclonas was deposed by Valentinus, one of Heraclius’ most trusted generals, and Constans II was left as sole emperor.
Constans II owed his rise to the throne to the unfavorable reaction against Heraclonas and to the protection of the soldiers led by Valentinus who was a Byzantine general. 
In 644, Valentinus attempted to seize power for himself, but failed.
Constans II grew increasingly fearful that his younger brother, Theodosius, could oust him from the throne.
Constans II therefore obliged Theodosius to take holy orders and later had Theodosius killed in 660.

On July 15th 668 Constans II was assassinated in his bath by his chamberlain with a bucket!

I bet it was heavy and fancy.


Did he maybe "kick the bucket"?

His son Constantine succeeded him as Constantine IV. 

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You sure know how to pick them!  The two coins you posted are complicated due to the number of variations in them! Here is one of mine that has been complicated by the fact that it was flipped over and re-struck:


Byzantine Empire: Constans II (641-668) Æ Follis, Constantinople, RY14 (Sear 1007; DOC 72; MIBE 170b)

Obv: ЄNTϪT ONIKA; Constans standing, facing, bearded, wearing chlamys and crown with cross; In right hand, long cross, in left, globus cruciger
Rev: Large M; above cross or star, beneath Λ?, to left, A/N/A, to right, N/Є/O/ς; in exergue, XIIII
Dim: 20 mm, 3.12 g


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The op is an interesting variant with the letter K at reverse top rather than a star or cross. I was surprised by it at first but indeed Sear mentions the K as a variety of both his 1005 (slight beard) and 1009 (long beard). I wonder what meaning was intended - Κώνστας ("Constas/ Constans", typically spelled with only one 'n' in Greek)? Κωνσταντινούπολις (Constantinopolis)?

I also find the flan shape interesting, two straight square-chiseled edges at a right angle connected by a softer-edged arc, essentially one quarter of a full circle...  a clue as to why the large folles of earlier reigns are relatively scarce today? On the other hand, the coin posted by @quant.geekappears to have been struck on a purpose-made round flan, complete with casting sprue.

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I have a sort of homework assignment to determine year.

Severus Alexander posted this site for me and using https://www.byzantine-ae.info to find my coins. Could it be close to this one I found there?

It has a K over that style m

K N E is rolling clockwise from top to 3 o'clock on m side (like mine) which I think is the reverse.

Regnal year 5 (645/6)
DOC 64; 4.26 gms; EBCC - ; 2253.17
DOC Class 4, var. (647-648)



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Minted at Syracuse during the reign of Constans II between September 641 - 15 July 668. Obv. No Legend. Constans (on l.), with long beard, and Constantine IV (on r.), beardless, stg. facing, each wearing crown; Constans wears military attire,  and holds long cross; his son wears chlamys and holds gl.cr.  Rev. Large M; above, Monogram 35; in ex., SCL; to l., Heraclius, beardless, stg. facing, wearing crown and chlamys, and holding gl. cr.; to r., similar figure of Tiberius. BCVS #1110


96 CONSTANS II 1338655642 OBV.jpg

96 CONSTANS II 1338655642  REV.jpg

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