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Alexandria Tetradrachm Commodus Nilus


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I would like to share with you this new addition to my collection:

Tetradrachm of Commodus under Marcus Aurelius

AV: Λ AYPHΛIOC - KOMMOΔOC CEB - laureate draped and cuirassed bust of Commodus right, seen from behind

RV: LIZ - Nilus reclining left, holding reed in right and cornucopia in left hand, below crocodile to right

diameter: 23,5 mm - weight: 13,80 g - die axis: 11 h

minted: early 177 to end of August 177 (year 17 of Marcus Aurelius)

Dattari 3835, Milne 2612, Kampmann/Ganschow 41.11, RPC online 3326 (—> Dattari 3835/Milne 2612), Emmett 2488 (R5, —> Milne 2612), BMC -, SNG Cop -, Demetrio -, Geißen -, SNG ANS -;

The issues of Commodus under Marcus Aurelius are considerably rarer than the later issues of Commodus as sole emperor. It is not that easy to find them in auctions (or anywhere else).

I am not in posession of the Dattari-Savio. If someone does, could you please check if this is the specimen of the Dattari collection. I do not really expect it to be the one, but with coins this rare one never knows. 




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I wanted to post an update concerning the coin's provenance. When comparing my coin to the pencil rubbing from the specimen of the Dattari collection, it becomes clear that it is the same piece. At least this is my interpretation. 

A big "Thank you" to K. Emmett for providing the rubbings. 

Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-04 um 21.46.33.png

Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-04 um 21.46.43.png

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