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Anyone familiar with this Phoenicia Marathos issue, and Phoenican dates? Looking to determine the date to the left of the trophy.


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Phoenicia, Marathos. 228/7-224/3 BC. Æ 16 mm. 3.1 gm. Obv: Laureate head of Zeus(?) right. Rev: Trophy; date (in Phoenician) to left. Duyrat, Ateliers, Series 3 var. (unlisted date); HGC 10, 199 var. (same); DCA 828 var. (same). Extremely rare, the third known example of this series.

From CNG coin on the right: The only previously known coin from this series was an example in the Berlin Museum reported by Imhoof-Blumer in NZ 1901 (p. 9, 2, pl. I, 13). The date on that example is unclear, but is at least year 33. The present coin is in much better condition, with a clear date. Interestingly, Imhoof-Blumer and others have described the obverse head as Zeus, but that piece was quite worn. The details are clear here, and show features more in line with a Hellenistic portrait than a stylized depiction of a deity. Whose portrait it may be, though, is uncertain.



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42 minutes ago, Praefectus said:

Whose portrait it may be, though, is uncertain

Wildwinds has what seems to be your exact coin shown. If the second coin is yours. Wasn't sure by what you meant "on the right"by CNG.

They list  it as Marathos, Phoenicia. AE 13.5 hemichalkous. 3.04 g. Dated local year 32, 227-227 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / Trophy, date in Phoenician script in left field. Duyrat, Ateliers, 83 var. (date); HGC 199 var. (ditto); BMC p. xliii, G.




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