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Shinzo Abe & Coins to Remember Him

Al Kowsky

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Yesterday a friend & unwavering ally of the U.S., Shinzo Abe, was assassinated by a man with a strange looking homemade weapon resembling a double-barreled shotgun 😲. Shinzo Abe was Japan's longest serving prime minister & admired by all democratic nations in the world. As a sign of respect & remembrance NVMIS FORVMS members are welcome to post their favorite Japanese coin 😇. Posted below is the only Japanese coin left in my collection; it's been in my collection many decades 😊.


Japan, 1835-1870. Cast bronze 100 Mon "Tenpotsuho": 49 mm long, 20.7 gm, medallic alignment. Edge stamped on two sides with a paulownia flower. Obverse translation: Tenpo Currency. Reverse translation: Value above hole & signature of mint official below.

These coins were finally demonetized in 1891, & it is estimated that over 500,000,000 were withdrawn from circulation including many counterfeits.

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I'm posting a "sidebar" artifact that has nothing to do with Japanese coinage, but forum members may find it interesting never the less. It's a Japanese porcelain rice bowl that's been in my collection a long time. The bowl was made at the Arita kilns in Hizen province in the early 19th century, & is hand painted in underglaze blue & overglaze enamels, diameter 4 5/16 in. The main decoration depicts a Dutch "black ship" on one side & a group of Dutch traders on the other side. The Japanese called these "black ships" because the Dutch would apply black pitch to the outside of the ship for water-proofing. The Japanese were greatly amused by the appearance of these traders & their colorful clothing 🤣. Japanese trade seriously declined with the West during the Edo or Tokugawa Period, 1603-1867. The Japanese considered Westerners barbarians because they couldn't read or write the local language, didn't eat with chop sticks, & had terrible body odor 😏. The Shogunate also feared the influence of Christianity, so traders were confined to trading on the island of Dejima, & forbidden access to the main islands. Of course this changed with the arrival of Admiral Perry & his gunboats in 1853. 


Pictured below is a Japanese woodblock print depicting a steam powered gunship with billowing smoke & cannons firing 😬.



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 Sleeping Buddha, Antique Fossil Ivory Netsuke, early 20th century.



Japan trade dollar 1877 Meiji year 10.

Davenport 275 

27.19 grams



Japan Koban. Bunsei era (1819-1828). Edo mint.

13.1 grams


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