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Circ cam finds & varieties


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This <--1855--> O seated half turned out to be a very cool variety.  54 O/0 

I do believe that at one time this  sexy masked bandit was glited gold ....now only traces of the yellow clings in some areas.  To my eye this coin is very appealing and its wear pattern ,color and plain old crust....makes it a new favorite in the cabinet.  I give her a solid vf/30 + 




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Next is a just in specimen...that wasn't sought after....we sort of met by chance, and what a great meeting !

This is not only crusty eye candy but its a R-4 Variety  a browing 6 .  

Take a good look you'll be surprised how much is actually going on ....on this specimen. 



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3 hours ago, Paddy54 said:

True not a circ cam but she's sweet.



Nice coins Paddy! I still have 24 Morgan/ Peace Dollars that I bought from Paramount Numismatics (after they found hoard in some potato farmers cellar) All were raw graded MS/ I have the 1884-O/ even some Carson City dates/ most are New Orleans Mint dates.

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This 1840 o is an R-6 1840 o sm o reverse of 39 an 0.09 mm mint mark as the 40 o were 0.08 mm which were used for the remainder of the small o mint marks. 2006 this variety was found with two cuds making a sub variety the 103a an R-7

This particular variety carries a 100/200% premium as few are known. The color just adds more eye candy to the rarity of this specimen. 





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