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Octavius dozen coins for 2023...


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It's been a good year hunting; always enjoyable. My interests are Roman Republic and early empire, Here are some of my 2023 prizes...

1. Anonymous AR didrachm, 280-211 AD, 6.53gm, 19.2mm.  Obv: Helmeted head of beardless Mars right; behind, club.  Rev. Horse galloping right; above, club; below, ROMA.  Crawford 27/1; Sydenham 23; Historia Numorum Italy 314.6o8TzA8nJdn92Ztja5S37TeWMgQ3Ba.jpg.aadd3a4af136cb299fb81d80777a14f0.jpg


2.ROMAN REPUBLIC. Cn. Egnatius Maxsumus. Rome, c. 75 BC. AR Denarius. Ex NFA Fall Bid Sale, Beverly Hills 1990, lot 1289 and Ex Kurpfälzische Münzhandlung 70, Mannheim 2006, lot 38fZc7E83o2GksAbY8wX9jt55T2mB64g.jpg.21f9ce5e631a4cf9a43421bf7fbf3432.jpg


3. Octavian AR denarius, 32-27 BC, 3.80gm, struck 29-27 BC in uncertain Italian mint (Brundisium? Rome?), 21.3mm.  Obv: Bare head right.  Rev: Ithyphallic boundary-stone of Jupiter Terminus, surmounted by laureate head of Octavian facing; winged thunderbolt below; IMP CAESAR across fields.  RIC 269a; CRI 425; RSC 114. 




4. Augustus, c. 18BC. Temple of Mars Ultor.auguste-denier-2.jpg.197725ceff71d46d621d56cae03c6eba.jpg


5. Denarius of Caligula with reverse of his father , Germanicus.5630425.jpg.fd57fc9fb02209aa2f7e069c5a923f6a.jpg


6. Denarius of Caligula with SPQR reverse.cc102524.jpg.f8208bc206c5851afe9b55122f9da8f9.jpg


7. Sestertius of Caligula with SPQR, Corona Civica reverse...

Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Caligula
Sestertius of the Roman Imperial Period 39/40 AD
Material: AE Bronze
Diameter: 36mm
Weight: 28.39g
Mint: Rome
Reference: RIC I (second edition) Gaius/Caligula 46
Provenance: Ex Stephen Album Rare Coins USA
* RARE DIVI-Legend Type



8. Claudius sestertius..

Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Sestertius of the Roman Imperial Period 41/42 AD
Material: AE Bronze
Diameter: 35mm
Weight: 28.94g
Mint: Rome
Reference: RIC I (second edition) Claudius 96
Pedigree: from the famous Lottie and Mark Salton Collection.
Emperor Nero Gold Aureus
Rome mint, (AD 55-56).
Obverse: NERO CAESAR, Laureate head of Nero facing right.
Reverse: AVGVSTVS GERMANICVS, The Colossus of Nero, statue of Nero wearing a radiate crown, standing facing, holding Victory and a branch.
RIC I 46; Calicó 402; BMCRE 56-9; BN 202-5; Biaggi 221.
7.2 grams, 19 mm in diameter.
10. Sestertius of Vitellius with PAX reverse, purchased from Forum numismatics... Prov. Harlan Berk.

Vespasian Gold Aureus, AD 69-79, ‘Boscoreale' Toning

Lugdunum (Lyon) mint. Struck AD 71.

Obverse: IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, Laureate head facing right.

Reverse: TR POT COS III, Aequitas standing left, holding scales in right hand, rod in left.

RIC II 1114; Lyon 10; Calicó 682; Biaggi 338.

Practically extremely fine with a pleasing bold portrait, red tone in the devices.

7.4 grams, 19 mm in diameter.






12. Domitian Sestertius from CGB , France...


       DOMITIANUS Augustus Sesterce 92-94 Rome R1 copper
Obverse : IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM - COS XII CENS [PER P P] Tête laurée de Domitien à droite, l’égide sur l’épaule gauche
Reverse : IOVI - VICTORI// SC Jupiter nicéphore nu jusquà la ceinture, assis à gauche, tenant un globe nicéphore de la main droite et un sceptre long de la main gauche
Commentary : Flan large, idéalement centré. Très beau portrait de Domitien, bien venu à la frappe. Revers à l’usure régulière. Patine marron



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I'll have to find an adjective that hasn't already been shared - stunning coins, @Octavius.  Leaning most heavily to the RR denarii, the Cn. Egnatius Maxsumus kept me staring for a while at the details before I could look at the others. The denarius of Caligula+Germanicus & portrait of Vespasian on the aureus also caught my attention. Looks like a great year, best wishes for 2024!

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Octavius, You added many sensational coins this year 🤩! My favorites are #3, the Octavian denarius with an unusually fine portrait & a reverse with a bizarre composition. Do you understand the symbolism of this strange composition 🤔?, #9, the gold aureus of Nero with the historically important reverse is a great addition too 😉. Nero's unflattering portrait makes him look grossly obese 🤣. & #1, the Roman didrachm has superbly engraved dies, most likely done by a gifted Greek artist 😍.

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Wow, stunning examples! Really a remarkable group; hard to pick out favorites because they are all great. If I had to, I would go with #3. Octavian AR denarius, 32-27 BC. Simplicity of design but with great style, and in remarkable preservation. But they are all winners!

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11 hours ago, Octavius said:

I wanted to increase my Trajan collection, so here are a few sestertii...

1. Bridge over Danube...



2. reverse depicts Danube River rising up and kneeling on Dacia...





3. Dacian king kneeling before Trajan...


The last sestertius actually is not Dacia but Parthia. REX PARTHIS DATVS - "A king given to Parthia". Trajan briefly dethroned Osroes I as king of Parthia and installed Parthamaspates as a client king - Trajan had barely retreated before Osroes reclaimed his throne, but for a brief moment it looked as though Rome had defeated her only serious adversary in the world.

Wonderful coins!

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Wow -- I know I've said that more than once this year after seeing someone's favorite coins post, but they're all more than justified! In the first group, my favorites are probably #'s 2, 3, 9, and 11, although they're all wonderful.

Among the sestertii, I pick all three of them, although I find the orichalcum coloring on the last one extremely attractive on its own. 


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16 hours ago, panzerman said:

Fantastic coins!!!!!!

I love 3   9     11

Augustus Denarius

Nero Aureus

Vespasian Aureus

The others are pretty exceptional too!


Thanks for sharing your 2023 treasures!


Same here, but add mention of #5 (the Caligula/Germanicus denarius) as well.  And those Trajan sestertii!

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Fantastic coins you've added this year! Roman imperial is my favorite era and your types are what I fancy most. I think I like your first and third Trajan issues most of your list, because of the historical context (and who doesn't like a piece of engineering on a coin!). What stood out for me outerwise; I'm in doubt between the Caligula denarius with Germanicus on the reverse which is just a fantastic type (and your piece is of great quality!), and the Domitian sestertius with an amazing portrait. And don't get me wrong, all your additions would be the crown jewels of my collection 🙂 have a great 2024!

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