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My first slabbed coin!


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Just came from a coin show, and happened to snag this coin as my Christmas gift. Peace dollars are my favourite coin type from the USA, I have couple of raw ones, and saw this listed for a reasonable price. This is my first graded coin, I looked up the cert number for pictures, but they didn't have one, so I took one myself, which I found hard due to the plastic. 

So frosty! 


Please share your peace dollars or your first graded coins.

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20 minutes ago, lordmarcovan said:

At least with a US Peace dollar, nobody will be waving hammers and demanding you bust it out of the plastic! 😉

After handling every coin I've bought so far, it's a weird feeling not be able to touch this one, but i'm fine with it as I've other peace dollars to fondle with. 

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I no longer have my first slabbed coin, purchased years ago, but I remember it was a Morgan dollar in an old holder.  The coin's year escapes me.

My first slabbed ancient was a Julian II, which I do still have.

Julian II (360 - 363) AE1 (BI Maiorina); Thessalonika Mint; Obv: DN FL CL IVLIANUS PF AUG; Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right; Rev: SECVRITAS REIPVB; Bull standing right, two stars above;*TESΓ in exergue; Ref: RIC 226; NGC Graded Ch. XF

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