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Ela126 Top 12 Coins of the year - in a lazy Christmas Tree presentation


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Feeling a bit lazy these days so my year in review (top 12) is presented in the out of favor Christmas Tree.

A very good year for coins in think. Going through my acquisitions I lost count at 81 (1 Greek, 2 medieval, 7 American, ~15 late Roman, and the remainder Byzantine). This is mostly achievable because of my focus on lower cost (but high quality) Byzantine bronze.

I think the highlight is a truly stunning Antiochus III Tetradrachm from Brad Bowlin, outside of my collecting expertise but I wanted a good classical piece to highlight the artistic contrast to Byzantine coinage.

Two nicer medieval pieces likely close out my interest in western medieval coinage, I would have preferred a true Charlemagne piece but what I found was acceptable.

The remainder is Byzantine which has been my focus. High quality bronze pieces will likely continue to be the core of my ancient collection moving forward due to the variety available, and also the pleasure I get from cleaning/restoring them.


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4 hours ago, Ursus said:

Nice selection!

The Antiochus tet is fantastic, but I also have to single out the Aethelred penny. What a splendid example (despite the plastic coffin)!

I was able to track down some interesting provenance on this coin through an email address on the collector tag.


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