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A hoard of G̶a̶n̶g̶n̶a̶m̶ Sangam Style Coins....


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Picked up this recent hoard of coins that I am going to be spending time classifying.  The Sangam Age is typically classified as the third Sangam which lasted about 1800 years supposedly, but the coins are around 300 BCE to 300 AD from South India.  These coins are  hard to find in good conditions and are typically river bed finds. It includes coins from Chera, Pandya, Chola, and the Malayaman kingdoms:






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Man I'm drooling right now!

Here're a couple of Sangam age Chola coins,

Anonymous rulers, the obverse features a standing tiger raising its tail, and the reverse has an elephant with religious symbols above. Most likely river bed finds as well looking from their corrosion patterns. 



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