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Coin of Panemoteichus, Pisidia? H. von Aulock Reference?


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I won this coin a few days ago and didn't think too much of the attribution since I had seen several Severan provincial serpents from Thrace so just figured that's where it was from. There was no attribution that came with the coin besides "Antoninus Pius?" which was obviously incorrect.

However, upon further inspection I realized that this was not in fact from Thrace but instead from Panemoteichus, Pisidia (var: Panemoteichos).  The issue I am running into though is that I can't find much information on coins from the area. There are only 8 on wildwinds. 13 on RPC, and 15 on acsearch - many of which are the same ones on RPC. The problem is, none of them are my coin!

I see that there is reference to H. von Aulock, Münzen und Städte Pisidiens I (Tübingen, 1977), II (Tübingen, 1979). There isn't an online copy of this and the few I see that sold were well over $100. Does anyone have that reference or know where I can see it digitally? 
I'd really like to properly identify it if possible.

Here is my attempt at identification so far:

Panemoteichos, Pisidia
Obverse: [   ]CAP ANTΩNEINOC
Reverse: [ΠANE]MOTEIXEITΩN [  ]AVKAN, coiled serpent with head left


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Maybe Abonoteichos for Antoninus Pius? The legend under the serpent is ΓΛYΚΩΝ. Sometime during the reign of Pius or early Marcus Aurelius the town changes it's name to Ionopolis so any legend reading [ΑΒΩ]ΝΟΤΕΙΧΕΙΤΩΝ has to be earlier than ca. 160-70. I think your coin is a combination of dies from RPC IV.1 5355 for obverse and a not in RPC Glykon to left reverse. Obv legend is likely [ΑVΤ] ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΟ(Ϲ).

Abonoteichos is actually where the "prophet" Alexander, the founder of the Glykon cult, was from, which is why the Glykon serpent is also named, perhaps by late 140s to 150 the cult had already become the main symbol of the town. 

A wonderful coin and no doubt also rare.

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