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Possibly Byzantine?

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I had a buddy send me these as he was trying to find out more about it. It looks Byzantine and I did a deep dive online about this and couldn't find anything like it. I am hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.



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Hello @pdale33. Welcome to Nvmis Forvms.

I collect Byzantine coins. I've never seen a Byzantine coin, which resembles your coin. On the obverse, there seems to be some sort of symbol, near the top. Sort of like a "chi rho" Christian symbol. On the obverse, it sort of looks like there are images of multiple persons on the left, and on the right. I wonder if it could be late Roman, or perhaps a barbarian imitation during late Roman times.

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P.S. : @pdale33 Now that I look at your coin some more, it looks like it could be a brockage. A brockage is when a flan is hammered between the dies, and then the coin gets stuck on 1 of the dies, and then the coin makes an imprint on the next flan, when the next flan is hammered. This creates an image on 1 side of the coin, and an indented/incuse/concave mirror image on the other side of the coin. The reverse of your coin, seems to be a reverse image, of the obverse of your coin.

It may be late Roman or early Byzantine, or maybe something else. It's seems like an unusual coin. Perhaps it is rare.

What are the diameter and weight of your coin?

Is the reverse image of the seated figure, an incuse (concave) image?

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