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Two Republican denarii


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Both are beautiful specimens, @lordmarcovan. Congratulations.

Here's my example of the Q. Thermus, with a bit more descriptive information on the reverse scene than the NGC label provides. Regarding Mars on the obverse, he obviously had put on quite a few pounds by the time he posed for the portrait on mine. I love my chubby Mars!

Roman Republic, Q. Thermus M.f., AR Denarius 103 BCE. Obv. Head of Mars left wearing helmet with crest and long plume / Rev. Roman soldier with oblong shield advancing right, fighting with uplifted sword a barbarian soldier with round shield and raised sword before him, while protecting with his shield a fallen comrade at his feet, Q THERM.MF. in exergue (THE and MF in monograms). RSC I Minucia [Q. Minucius Rufus] 19 (ill.), Crawford 319/1, Sear RCV I 198 (ill.), BMCRR Italy 653. 19.4 mm., 3.97 g.


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