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Provenance and more drilled down to the acquisition and disposal of a major collection.


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With the clear warning  this is  only to  highlight the work of another, for  those interested in the creation of provenance, the amassing of a collection and its  ultimate dispersal, there's  been an interesting analysis  by the University of Vienna on the theme.

The  British shipping magnate, Lockett,  who has  been  mentioned  often here,  built up a huge (and famous) collection, of which there are extensive records,  of what was in  it, whence it was acquired, often  at what price and catalogues  of much of its sale or dispersal elsewhere (universities, museums etc.)  The researchers below  drilled  down to his subcollection of Thurii/Thourioi and followed its acquisition over time and dispersal. As Lockett was believed  to have been a bit  of a  coins-from-recent-unannounced-hoards acquirer too they are attempting to reconstruct some  likely finds  given  how  huge a weight he was in the  market. It's an interesting and  fairly original analysis and these charts show something of the process of acquisition, ownership and dispersal. They are freely available  online  so I hope it alright to  show them.

The article is  also freely available if you search for  this"There and Back Again. Provenienzstudien an den Münzen Thuriois aus der Sammlung R. Cyril LockettsBY INTER ALIA Marc Philipp Wahl"


.....although my google translator  butchered the results. (I have a  more accurate version - if anyone wants it just message me.)  It's also  interesting to see the  key players back then, at least for one collector in  one area, and confirms the great influence of Pozzi. The first picture shows the  acquisition and  part of  holding period, the second   holding and disposal.


If you have a relevant coin I'd love to see it too!



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