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Off the Beaten Path: An Ephesian Double Bill

David Atherton

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It's been several months since I've posted any 'Off the beaten Path' provincial coins. This latest one I actually purchased back in March but just now got around to unboxing it! The coin came slabbed and is so no longer.





Domitian and Domitia
Æ23, 8.17g
Ephesus mint, Undated
Obv: ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑ ϹƐΒΑϹΤΗ; laureate head of Domitian, r., facing draped bust of Domitia, l.
Rev: ΝƐΙΚΗ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟΥ ƐΦƐ; Nike advancing l., holding wreath and palm
RPC 1076 (11 spec.).
Acquired from Forvm Ancient Coins, March 2023. Formerly in NGC holder #4285432-007, grade Ch F.

An undated bronze struck in Asia Minor, most likely in Ephesus, featuring the imperial couple together on the obverse. The Nike on the reverse probably refers to a specific Domitianic victory rather than simply being generic, although which victory it commemorates is unknown (RPC II p. 167).

In hand.



Do you have a double portrait? Please share it!

Thank you for looking!

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