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Google versus Bing


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Some readers may be familiar with my website glebecoins.org which covers both early electrum coinage and post 1204 Byzantine topics.

I have noticed that while searches via Google generally place my site way down the results list, on Bing my site is usually top of the list or close to it. (Try searching for Coins of Andronicus I Gidon for example).

Why this is I don’t know - perhaps Google gives preference to sites with some commercial potential?

Ross G.

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With that suggested search, you're #1 for me on both Bing and DuckDuckGo.  On Google you don't even show up! 😠

That strengthens my resolve to continue not using Google as my go-to search engine.

Random post-1204 Byzantine:


John Comnenus-Ducas of Thessalonica (1237-42) O AΓIOC ΘEO St. Theodore standing facing, holding spear and shield; to left, lis. Rev. John standing facing, holding labarum and akakia, being crowned by St. Demetrius. DOC 15. SB 2200. Flattened.

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As far as I know, Google's indexation algorythm is biased towards external links. That means Google considers the importance of websites based on the number of external websites, which link to your website. No external links = no importance and vice versa.

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