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Assistance required to attribute this coin, please.- Kings of Macedon Philip II perhaps?


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I have this (worn) coin that I am having difficulty placing.

It appears to have a head facing right on the obverse with a boy on horseback galloping right on the reverse.

There could be an inscription below the horse (or a monogram).

(The position of the horse's back legs on my coin do not seem to line up with the Philip II coin, though.)

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

AE14mm., 2.80gm.


Magical Snap - 2023.09.15 15.18 - 019.jpg

Magical Snap - 2023.09.15 15.08 - 016.jpg

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21 minutes ago, Topcat7 said:

Possibly Thessaly???

350-300 B.C. THESSALY Krannon Dichalkon HGC 4, 384

Thessaly seems the most likely option here. Both Krannon and Phalanna issued similar types. The weight seems to match Phalanna a bit better, but there are several Thessalian mints that are possible. Below are a few of mine. Note that each minted several different denominations.


Thessaly. Phalanna
circa 325-300 BCE
Æ 15 mm, 4,60 g
Helmeted head of Ares left
ΦΑΛΑNNΑΙΩΝ, horse prancing right
Papaevangelou-Genakos 10; Rogers –; BCD Thessaly I 1257; BCD Thessaly II 576; HGC 4, 172



Thessaly, Phakion
3rd century BCE
Æ Trichalkon 20mm, 7.00g, 12h
Diademed head of nymph r.
R/ Warrior on horse trotting r.; grain ear below.
BCD Thessaly I 1249; BCD Thessaly II 566; HGC 4, 542



Thessaly, Pelinna
Æ Dichalkon (20mm, 7.49g, 12h)
late 4th to early 3rd centuries BCE
Head of Mantho veiled r. R/ Helmeted Thessalian rider wearing chlamys and short tunic, charging r. with couched lance on prancing horse.
BCD Thessaly 534.1; Rogers 432; HGC 4, 275

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11 minutes ago, Topcat7 said:

I believe that I might be on the right track with this.

Similar to:

Magical Snap - 2023.10.02 16.20 - 043.jpg

The problem is the weight and size are off - 20mm/8.64g vs 14mm/2.80g. The look also isn't right.

I went through my coins of Thessaly and didn't see a great match. There seems to be some lettering on the reverse. You may be able to make it out better with the coin in hand + magnifying glass, but the letter at 6 o'clock seems to be an 'M'.

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5 hours ago, Topcat7 said:

and the one after it an 'I' possibly?

That's what I thought, but there aren't too many results from a search. From a closer look, I think 'MH' is more likely. The latter before it may be an 'A' or a 'Δ'. 

I didn't find any strong matches, but I suspect making sense of the inscription is your best bet for an attribution given the condition of the rest of the coin. It may be easier to read them with a magnifying glass and the coin in hand.

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