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Weird - Celtic(?) imitation of a very rare obol of Leukon II


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From a group lot that arrived last week and currently going through


This one absolutely threw me for a loop until I worked out that the reverse was a sword and shield. Here's what I've arrived at:

Celtic tribes(?)

Imitating silver obol of Leukon II, king of Bosporus, ca 250-220 BC, Pantikapaion mint

Obv: Celticized diademend head right

Rev: Sword/dagger and shield, retrograde ΔIOC to right

10mm, 0.75g




This is very much out of my usual wheelhouse - anyone have any insights on this one?

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Well spotted. It's apparently very obscure!

The attribution of the original obol doesn't seem to be strongly grounded. It's because of the stylistic similarity of the shield on this bronze, which is fair enough, but is that enough to say it's an official issue of Leukon II?

There's another example on Etsy, also described as "Kings of Bosporos, Leukon II Obol, 250-220 BC, AR 11mm, 0.6g, Laureate Zeus & Shield/Sword", I presume because of the Roma listing:
Rare Kings of Bosporos Leukon II Obol 250-220 BC AR 11mm - Etsy Canada

And another sold by Biga Numismatics in 2021, 12mm and 0.8g, which cites the Roma listing:

This last one must surely also be barbarous. Are the others? Perhaps the product of Eastern Celts, but the Eastern Celts seem to have been more accomplished even with their more abstract designs.

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