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Very excited to land a Domitian grail coin


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What may at first appear to be a rather ordinary Domitian denarius, is made extraordinary because of a rare obverse legend and a very rare reverse legend. I am always interested in the PONT denarii. PONT was used by Domitian before PONT MAX. The reverse legend is even more rare than the use of PONT on the obverse. The legend begins with PP. I have wanted an example of this legend variation for more than ten years but they are very elusive. Also, those who collect Domitian denarii are always looking for these so there is quite a lot of competition when they appear. The latest Berk sale provided an opportunity to finally own one of these. Also, this coin was part of the Curtis Clay collection. I always like to pick up coins that have an interesting provenance.

The coin itself has an interesting early portrait, and the coin is quite attractive in hand. I feel very fortunate to have landed this white whale for my collection.


Domitian; 81-96 AD, Rome, 81 AD, Denarius, 


Obv: IMP CAES DOMITIAN AVG PONT Head laureate r.

Rev: P P COS VII - DES VIII Wreath on curule chair.  

RIC-8 (R2), pl. 117 

Ex: Curtis Clay collection

Ex Harlan Berk Bid or Buy sale #224 Lot # 140


D8-removebg-preview copy.jpg

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